Panapong Engineering has been established in 1997 by Mr.Sen Wu Fang. It serves the Thai firms and International companies widely for many years. Panapong Engineering has successfully completed the inspection and service for many H2 compressed gas tube trailers and Cryogenic works and also petrochemical project works since establishment.

Some of the successful projects are inspection and certified a 84 the 300 bar H2 and NGV tube trailers, repair many cryogenic tanks and bulk tankers, make and install more than a thousand meters of the super insulation vacuum pipe-SIVL, make the N2 liquid tanks, boiler inspection service, etc.

Mr.Sen Wu Fang has more than 30 years of experience in petrochemical, High Pressure vessel and Cryogenic. With his long experiences in Taiwan and Thailand, he and his engineers are very confident to deliver the high safety and quality of services to the customers. Our core business is inspection & services for H2, CNG, LNG, Cryogenic, pressure vessel testing, pipelines fabrication and machine installation.

We have several permit licenses from DOBE-MINISTRY OF ENERGY, DLT-Department of Land Transport and DIW-Department of industrial works. Thus we can design NGV station, inspect & testing NGV transportation tube trailer, LNG truck, dangerous goods truck and also CNG cylinders.

Today we continue to provide the customers with a wide range of high quality products and services. And the main objective is to put forth into the NGV and LNG business.
Capital:20 Million Baht
Turnover: Over 50 Million Baht
Employees: 50 persons
Board of Directors: Mr. Pibul Sutamjam
Managing Director: Mrs. Porntip Fang
Director: Mr. Sen Wu Fang
Our Services
  • Cryogenic service
  • Compressed gas tube trailer inspection and service
  • Compressed gas cylinder inspection and service
  • Pressure vessel fabrication, inspection and service
  • Boiler inspection
  • Helium leakage test and Vacuum service
  • Convection reformer, reformer tube and heat exchanger
  • Piping work and installation for petrochemical plant & power plant
  • Installation addition and repair suspension and air brake system for tank trailer
  • Oxygen cleaning service for tank and equipment
  • Insulation work
  • Maintenance and mechanical work
  • Service suspension and air brake system for tank truck and trailer
  • Acoustic emission testing service