Cryogenic Service & LNG
Cryogenic is the production of very low temperature, below −150 °C. such as liquid Nitrogen, liquid Oxygen, liquid Argon, liquid Helium, liquid Cabondioxide, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). The storage tank, piping, valve, fitting and equipment must be compatible with Cryogenic temperature. Tank, Dura tank and pipe are made by super insulation process in order to protect the heat loss. This super insulation is the protection of radiation, conduction and convection heat loss.

  • Liquid cryogenic storage tank and the liquid bulk transportation of tanker or truck.
  • Installation Liquid storage tank, vaposizer, piping and equipment for static tank unit and for truck tanker.
  • Repair outer and inner vessel including internal support.
  • Recondition outside vessel and trailer
  • Replace and refill insulation super insulation or perlite powder, cryolite, and vaccum at less than 0.05 torr and 0.20 torr respectively. (warm tank)
  • Install and repair piping work, valve and assesories at the cabinet box of Liquid tanker.
  • Repair structural and trailer.
  • Service and Preventive maintenance service such change Cryoginic equipment, check vaccuum and re-vaccuum
  • Re-painting tank and the logo sticker work.
Outer jacket and
inner vessel
Replace some piece
of outer jacket and
repair insulation.
Take off the outer
jacket to repair and
check inside wall of
outer jacket
Finishing work of
Cryogenic tank
Piping and equipment
inside the cabinet box
of Cryogenic truck
First filling for the
tank after big repaired
and recondition.
Super insulation vacuum line pipe (SIVL.)

SIVL is the piping system to transfer the liquid Cryogenic. Poor maintenance will lead to loss every day. Our service is Repair, maintenance and produce the super insulation vacuum line for Liquid O2, N2, Ar, LNG and CO2.
  • Repair outer jacket pipe and inner pipe including expansion joint.
  • Recondition inner insulation and vacuum at 0.05 torr.
  • Service and preventive maintenance service such change cryogenic equipment, check vacuum and re-vacuum
  • Design according to customer's P&ID.
  • Produce SIVL pipe that's inside pipe diameter 1/2, 3/4, 1 up to 3 inch.
  • Installation SIVL pipe and support.
Making outer jacket pipe
Verify the welding joint of inner pipe of SIVL.
The finishing SIVL pipe is doing vacuum at 0.05 torr.
Drawing of SIVL pipe
SIVL pipe is getting lose vacuum