Oxygen cleaning service for tank and equipment
Oxygen is not flammable in itself but supports combustion. Oxygen can react with most materials. The O2 cleaning is the most important for the more vigorous the combustion up to explosive levels, the lower the ignition temperature, up to ignition of materials that normally do not bum in atmospheric air and the higher the flame temperature and combustion velocity.

It is very important to select of equipment and materials, must be oxygen compatible and free from contaminants such hydrocarbon oils and greases, which are easily combustible and particulate matter, which can easy ignite or cause ignition.


  • Cryogenic
  • Piping, tubing, fitting, manifolds and instrument.
  • The system is involved combustion or flammable such H2, NGV, O2
  • High pressure
  • Stainless equipment.
  • A black light(UV light) is a lamp gives off electromagnetic radiation to unexpected contamination.
Prepare to verify the contamination.
Blacklight inspection
Visible light while using the black light
Acceptable surface