Acoustic emission testing service
Acoustic Emission is the very sensitive measurement for condition monitoring of the critical process such tank, pipe, motor, compressor, high pressure vessel, etc.

With our experience by the former engineering and management personnel from Keen Technology (established since 1994), we are now an expert individuals managed, designed, and implemented numerous large scale factory automation/control projects for top manufacturers in the automotive, petrochemical, refinery and transportation industry. These projects typically spanned an entire section of a plant including multiple assembly lines and cells.

Acoustic Test Task
  • Pipeline leak/crack detection
  • Check corrosion and crack in Low and hi pressure vessel (3,600 psi)
  • Vibration Measurement and Evaluation of piping systems
  • Condition monitoring and Vibration analysis for Rotating machines
Finding leakage of inner pipe in the sulation jacket
Check vibration of rotating machine, check corrosive floor tank
Check corrosive floor tank
AE Test for compressed gas tube trailer