Compressed gas tube trailer inspection and service
The compressed gas tube trailers are trailer that contains the high-pressure tube with varying in length from 20 feet for small tubes to 38 feet on jumbo tube trailers.

The tube will be compressed with CNG or NGV, H2, N2 at high pressure up to 250 bar. The inspection must be conformed with the manufacturer's standard and each country's transportation law every 5 years.

Reference : CGA, DOT, ISO, BS EN and Thai Law-DOEB, TIS-DIW.

  • Inspection and issue report to verify and interpret that the compressed gas tube trailer is ready to service.
  • Commissioning CNG tube trailer.
  • Repair and maintenance piping mainifold and equipment of the tube trailer.
  • Repair and recondition outside tube, structural frame and trailer.
  • Re-painting tube and replace a logo sticker
  • Cleaning inside of compressed gas tube and doing vacuum the tube.
Commissioning CNG
tube trailer
Commissioning CNG
tube trailer
Hydrostatic test for Inspection-CNG tube trailer of PTT
Completed testing H2 tube trailer
Stamp code at a tube shoulder after finish testing
Holding pressure while hydrostatic testing
H2 tube trailer of customer
Finishing H2 tube trailer with painting
Remove painting to check corrosion of H2 tube
Hydrostatic testing station
Road traffic in the testing area
After assembly, doing dew point at 2 ppm with N2 gas.
After assembly, doing dew point at 2 ppm with N2 gas.