Pressure vessel fabrication, inspection and service
Repair and maintenance the pressure vessel such toxic tank, flamable tank, chemical tank, ISO tank, etc. We have done one stop service for the customer that's inspection the periodic testing of 2.5, 3, 5, 6 years by complied DIW and BS ISO standard including installation the tank on the truck or trailer

  • Making new vessel and skid then build on the truck.
  • Inspection and issue report to verify and interpret that the vessel and piping is ready for service.
  • Repair and maintenance vessel shell, head cap and piping line
  • Dry flushing and purge inner vessel by N2 gas
  • Making dewpoint inside the vessel and measure the percentage of O2.
  • Re-painting tank and logo sticker
Dangerous goods tank trailer
Hydrostatic test
Shell thickness measurement
Dangerous goods fixed tank truck
Visual internal inspection
Blasting & painting
Dangerous goods ISO tank
Hydrostatic testing of ISO tank
Magnetic particle testing (MT)