Piping work and installation for petrochemical plant & power plant
We have installed the piping, equipment and machine for the petrochemical and power plant for many years. All work is done by international standard, customer's regulation and operable/maintainable principle.

  • Risk assessment and prepare method statement
  • Installation machine and equipment.
  • Using customer's P&ID and pipe code to design pipe size and pipe route.
  • Fabrication the piping.
  • Installation piping and accessory equipment
  • Pressure testing and cleaning including flushing.
  • Support commissioning
Install motor and support
Remove Downterm furnace cover for inspection and repair
Repair Downterm furnace cover
Cutting the reformer tube
Inspection safety valve of boiler at ALT by mechanical level II
Replacement the convection reformer with the reformer of Singapore site.
Lifting the convection reformer
Installation the reformer in place
Check its catalytic and measure pressure drop